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Often referred to as Switzerland in Asia, South Korea has built a huge high-tech industry. There are some pearls to be found in the food sector - strong brands with a long tradition! We are proud exclusive distributor of products from the world-famous manufacturers CJ and Dasesang. From CJ these are the brands Bibigo and Beksul, from Deasang Jongga and O’Food and from Pulomone the whole range.

Thanks to these well-known partnerships with world-famous companies, we can offer you a diverse and unique range. In the beverage sector, we carry 7bräu, Hitejinro, Kokosoondang and OKF. Our range therefore consists of dry, chilled and frozen products and, in the beverage sector, a wide variety of beers, rice wines and various non-alcoholic beverages. We offer you everything from a single source.

As an exclusive distributor, we are in direct contact with the manufacturers on a daily basis, we maintain an intensive partnership in order to offer you the best range at the best price. We guarantee you long-term availability of goods!

Daesang Corporation


Daesang Corporation was founded in 1956 and is one of the world's leading fermentation companies. It puts emphasis on general food production and healthy eating culture. In addition, Daesang Corporation is developing into the largest domestic starch and sweetener manufacturer. With the takeover of "Jongga" in 2006, Daesang successfully entered the cold storage business.

Daesang Products

CJ - Cheil Jedang


The CJ Group is a South Korean conglomerate headquartered in Seoul and founded in 1953. CJ Foods has been a leader in the Korean food industry for over 60 years. State-of-the-art technologies as well as decades of dedicated research and innovation make it possible for CJ to offer a wide range of high-quality premium products.

CJ Products



Pulmuone is a South Korean food manufacturing company founded in 1981. The company sells products under the brand names Pulmuone, Chan-ma-ru, Saeng-ga-deuck and Soga. It leverages centuries of Korean heritage and decades of providing healthy food to families around the world. Pulmuone attaches great importance to complete transparency, from procurement, through processing, to packaging and distribution, and ensures that only healthy food finds its way to the consumer's table.

Pulmuone Products


OKF is one of the world's largest producers of soft drinks. The brand has almost 750 different drinks in its range, but is best known for its aloe vera drinks. The South Korean brand focuses on natural, healthy and organic for every type of drink. OKF sells in 160 countries. Since it was founded in 1990, OKF has continuously committed itself to producing the best product in the world.

OKF Products



Founded in 2003, the company started out as a beer pub and officially entered the craft brewery business in 2011. Since then, the company has produced a variety of beers, including the country's first ale, “7brau IRP”, as well as craft beers named after popular cities and locations such as Seoul, Hangang and Yangpyeong.



HiteJinro Co., Ltd. is a distillery in South Korea founded in 1924. It is the world's leading manufacturer of soju and accounts for more than half of the domestic sales of this drink. HiteJinro also makes a variety of other alcoholic beverages such as red wine and whiskey.

HiteJinro Products



Kooksoondang is a Korean brewery that was founded in 1952. The name means "house of good yeast and good wines". Kooksoondang is also a major manufacturer of natural beverages and health-related products. The company has developed a unique fermentation method for brewing rice wine. Unlike the usual methods of making rice wine, Kooksoondang grinds raw rice with nuruk (Korean traditional fermentation starter) and brews it without steaming.

Kooksoondang Products


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