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You are probably familiar with this or a similar situation in which you stand in front of a shelf and with horror take out the last piece of a product. At the same moment you realize that the reorder for this product has not yet been made.

The work ahead is painful. It is followed by a cumbersome placing of the order, tedious waiting time for the delivery and finally the shelves can be filled again. Because only full shelves are good shelves.

It is part of the everyday stress of every chain store owner or person responsible for purchasing and is a recurring and annoying situation. Ordering processes are cumbersome and inefficient, and deliveries take days, sometimes even weeks. We know your challenges!

We are yuuyuu and we offer you, our hand. We provide you with a new, carefree shopping experience and revolutionize your processes from ordering to payment to delivery. Let us change your logistics with you and pass our advantages on to your customers. Our offer is simple, efficient and fully digitized.

As a yuuyuu customer, you benefit from access to our e-shop for business customers. You get immediate access to individual and attractive product prices. In the respective product detail view you will find all the necessary information about the product. The information on availability, best before dates and other details will make your purchasing decisions easier. In short, the fully digitized ordering process with real-time insight into our range and warehouse will make your life much easier. Delivery takes place within 24 hours according to the motto “order now - get it tomorrow”.

Our focus is on the range and the availability of goods. We are direct importers to the manufacturers CJ and Daesang and are in daily contact with them in order to offer you the best range at the best price. We guarantee you long-term availability of goods!

Benefit from our work, get immediately in touch with us and become a yuuyuu business customer. We are reachable for questions or individual requests and look forward to your call.

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