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Instant Noodles (Bag)

  • Ansung Ramyeon - 125g*20

    AnSungTangMyun is a mild and spicy Korean miso instant noodle soup, which is said to be reminiscent of the traditional noodle soups from the Korean small town "Ansung/Anseong".
  • Bibim Naengmyeon (Chili Seasoned Cold Noodles) - 380g*10

  • Bibim Naengmyeon - 624g*10

  • Broad Noodle Hot Sour Flavour - 115g*20

  • Broad Noodle Hot Spicy Flavour - 110g*20

  • Broad Noodle Sesame Flavour - 120g*20

  • Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (3x Spicy) - 140g*5*8

  • Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (Carbo) - 130g*5*8

    Hot Chicken Ramen by Samyang with carbonara flavor - really special.

  • Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (Cheese) - 140g*5*8

    Hot Chicken Ramen from Samyang with cheese flavor.
  • Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (Habanero Lime) - 135g*5*8

  • Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (Kimchi) - 135g*5*8

    Hot Chicken Ramen from Samyang with Kimchi flavor.
  • Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (Original) - 140g*5*8

    These noodles are VERY hot! Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen, commonly known as the fire noodles are bound to leave you wanting more of its spice! It is known for being one of the spiciest ramyeon available in the Korean market.
  • Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (Stew) -145g*5*8

    The famous "Hot Chicken Ramen" as a one-pot dish.
  • Chacharoni - 140g*20

    Although an instant noodles type of Japanese origin, Samyang's Chacharoni Ramen is a much sought-after dish in Korea. The pack includes Chinese soybean paste ramen and Korean 'pad thai' style noodles. A very delicious and meaty delight with tapioca starch content, which is very nice to savour with sauce.
  • Chapaghetti (Jjajang Ramyeon) - 140g*20

    Instant noodles with the famous Korean black bean paste (Chajang). They are easy and quick to prepare and have a slightly sweet and spicy flavor.
  • HH Instant Noodle Saté Onion - 74g*30