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Spices + Marinades

  • Black Pepper Powder - 50g*24

  • Brown Sugar (Dark) - 1kg*16

  • Brown Sugar (Light) - 1kg*16

  • Bulgogi Marinade (Beef) - 290g*20

  • Bulgogi Marinade (Beef) - 500g*15

  • Bulgogi Marinade (Pork, Spicy) - 290g*20

  • Bulgogi Marinade (Pork, Spicy) - 500g*15

  • Bulgogi Marinade (Pork, Spicy) - 840g*8

  • Cooking Oligo Syrup - 700g*20

  • Cooking Syrup - 700g*20

  • Corn Syrup - 700g*20

  • Crushed Chili (Fish Flavour) - 67g*24

    Mix with cooked rice or any kind of food and soup for hot flavour. To make any dish more tasy, mix this crushed chili with some lime juice and fish sauce.
  • Crushed Chili (Shrimp Flavour) - 67g*24

    In Thai this is called 'Namprik Narok' which means spicy like hell. Loaded with flavor - a combination of salty and spicy, from dried shrimp and crushed chilli peppers, with a hint of sesame too.
  • Fish Powder - 80g*24

    Mix with rice or add to chili paste. Gaeng Lieng (mixed vegetable soup) or Nam Yah (fish curry). Simply add to any dish to enhance fish aroma and flavour.
  • Galbi Marinade (Beef) - 290g*20

  • Galbi Marinade (Beef) - 500g*15